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Aurum's aesthetic encompasses tasteful and timeless designs handcrafted using modern materials and techniques.


Our furnishings and fixtures range across the spectrum of playful sensibilities to muted and subtle details, with an aim to create an elegant yet impactful statement. Each piece can be further customized to reflect it's intended usage and setting resulting in one-of-a-kind variations.


The studio has a penchant for metal, stone and acrylic materials with unexpected combinations of mirror, wood and glass which has resulted in a signature aesthetic that can be perused below in category wise snapshots of designs from our archives, including collections of contemporary and timeless designs.

Take a further look at our material, finish, shape and hardware guides for a preview of the customization options offered during a bespoke creation process.


Surafce Shapes and Edges
Finishing Guide
Local Marble Guide
Imported Marble Guide
Imported Marble Guide
Graphic Stone Guide
Corian Guide
Speciality Stone Guide
Wood Guide
Glass and Mirror Guide
Fabric Guide
14. Hardware Guide Small 3(Not Updated).jpg
13. Hardware Guide Small 2(Not Updated).jpg
12. Hardware Guide Small 1 (Not Updated).jpg
15. Hardware Guide Medium(Not Updated).jpg
16. Hardware Guide Large(Not Updated).jpg
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